There is only one question on the ballot today, it's the same all across America


Is this Trump’s America, or is it yours?


Sadly, most of Merica IS Trumplandia… the average IQ is like less than a 100… Trumplandia is complete!


What does it matter?

The fucking place is evil - prob the most evil in histroy

you cannot carry the karma of killing the Native Americans - 66 million Buffalo to starve them and Slavery

It’s a flash in the pan

China is gona lay waste to us economically

the bully will wither away and good fucking riddance


With respect to all the above posts…

Yeah, we may be hopelessly fukked for a variety of reasons. And there are no White Hat Nations out there including ours.

Human stupidity and innate Evil are not the only reasons. But the only two courses that make any sense to me are either to DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING relying on all the wisdom, humility, and discernment I can summon up, or to (in Leadbelly’s words) TAKE MORPHINE AND DIE.

I choose Door #1, one more time.


As my girl Jhenny of the Savages says, “Don’t let the fuckers get you down”




At the polls today working. Our County’s voting system is cumbersome and archaic.

And they put two precincts in one room. JFC


I wonder if tRump is feeling this up his ass yet.


This is still with Washtenaw County to report ie Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. It’ll pass by a giant amount


January 3, 2019, will be a good day for the House Ways and Means Committee to request Trump’s tax returns.


still no weed vote in IL… fuck this dump…


Ladies, I give you Michigan, after voting for Trump by like 5000 votes they seem to have realized it was a bad relationship. D Gov Gretchen Whitmer in a landslide. D Senator Debbie Stabenow turned her tight race into a rout. D Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel won her race. She’s an elections law expert.New D Sec of State Jocelyn Benson will carry out those election policies. Legal weed, NO Gerrymandering and immediate registering to vote and absentee voting for any reason all passed in landslides.

Proud of the state I’ll call home again soon.


Got home from the polls at 10:39, OMFG so tired.


We’ll see how this goes.

As of now, WA voted against taxes and for loss of rights.

Nancy Pelosi will be looking to take the 2nd… mark my words.

Hopefully some positives in healthcare, SS and such come out of it. Balance is nice.


I agree, arm the homeless!





Uncle Phil (Knight)was unsuccessful in his bid to buy a Corporatist Goobernor.


The libs were successful at buying buying votes though.





Any initiative ever.
Like $6m was put into gun control in WA.
$1.5m was from that Paul Allen fucker