They kilt jeffery - too many pols had 14 year olds - no way he committed sucide



couldna happened to a nicer guy


Yeah, but now all the pols are off free

plus it wud have been worse fer him in prison

no fucking way he did it




I wud have rather see him live and all this come out - when you sleep on 600 buck sheets and then have to fight rats to sleep that is an epic downfall



Off to the eternal vacation with Ken Lay and Elvis…


Learnt a new word this morning reading the comments.



Well you can hardly blame the guy, he had just said the conditions he was forced to live in, were making it difficult to maintain his regimen of sex 3 times a day



14 year olds right

So way way way way back I was sitting in the guys 51 Ford and he points to the roof of the back seat which got like footprints on it and of course the bloody seat

Yeah, the 14 year old - I forget her name

But it was Ok cause he was not much older and the place made deliverance look normal

I cud write a book




Holy smokes, I did not know this.


I’ve been hearing chatter online that Epstein was supposed to have been well hung.






Don’t know if this is legit or not, if it is it do be mysterious.