This guy spent 11 years out in his Dad's garage building this incredible instrument so you could be mildly amused for about 20 seconds



looks like a good way to lose a hand.


A man intelligent enough and with enough time to make that… should be making other more important stuff.

Cool, nonetheless


I always find it interesting when people talk about what hobbies other people should have.


I always find it interesting when someone doesn’t get the point of a post and then makes themselves look like an idiot.

Good job, Wabbit.

You don’t think he’d be a good mechanical engineer or architect?

A wasted mind is a sad thing.




Typos at it again


I know, like people who spend their shiny stones on their souped up cars.:rooster:


Two people who didn’t read my post.

Can we go for three?





TLDR Later. I promise.


I liked the original better, AND it made breakfast


Exactly MY point, which having sailed over his head, somehow leads him to think I’m the idiot

Boro, you’re being quite Presidential today!


Maybe he does and this is a hobby.


Then I’d love to see his professional work.