This is being a bad June


So, the big fire in London, now the one in Portugal.

Not sure if it’s the media reporting on it more, but this month is not feeling too good.





There was the shooting in VA, this crash in Myanmar


Holy shit.

Look, I am sorry to say it, but the elephant in the room with this one is clearly climate change. The London one was clearly capitalist greed. But what is human-made global warming, other than capitalist greed?

I don’t think the media are reporting on it more. Clearly, this fire in Portugal is among the worst they have ever had. 60 fires started in one night because of soaring temps.

Fuck capitalism. I am so serious. It has ruined the planet and created billions of poverty stricken people.


It’s the nature of the planet and the majority of people living in here

An orb of experimentation and expiation.

Many people saying things will begin changing to something better, but I’m not sure about that