This is fine


Self-made animation of smoke coverage across the Pacific Northwest, from August 01 through August 24th. Frames are from NOAA’s Earth Systems Research Laboratory (sauce: Most of them are forecasts between 0 and 5 hours out from their publication, those some go as high as 18 hours (and the last few frames go up to 30).

I might carry this project on, push through 'till the end of fire season, and possibly even grab the frames from before so the whole of the 2018 fire season is displayed. I don’t know if GIMP can handle that; it already died just after producing this animation.

H/T onychoprion from Imgur


That’s some shit right there. Seems like Oregon needs a North and South Wall to keep CA and WA smoke out.


Shiny stones spent on nonsense

spend money on making negative smoke to counteract the smoke