This is why the GOP wins


Also if your stupid ass didnt realize it, it says “this tiny blue dot only gets 2 representatives”, that’s kind of correct but wrong.
All of California gets 2 Senators and all those 7 states do, too.

7 x 2 = 14, get it?

I’ll accept your defeat and wait shortly for you to admit you’re wrong and just want people to be wrongfully underrepresented.


There is no defeat because I’m not arguing the points of how it works, I’m saying it’s a corruption.

It gave more power to slave states than they had people to represent. How the fuck are you not understanding that this was CORRUPTION designed by the South to keep human beings enslaved?

Why are you so incredibly stupid? I won’t blame the car crash, you were just as idiotic before you were wrecked.


But they all have the same representation :roll_eyes:

Jesus go back to school


You are about 8 eggs short of a dozen and you think I need to go back to school.

bwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa

You’re hilarious.


Why are you mad that all the states were represented similarly?


I’m sorry you don’t understand how slave states have left a legacy of pain and suffering for not only black Americans but all Americans. And it continues today.

Your kind makes me feel hopeless about the future of this country.


Not through dick dancing, I see.

What does Equality by Statehood mean, and how is it different from what Oak plainly said about protecting slavers? You’re not talking to idiots at the local gas station now.


Now you’re the one confusing senators with Representatives. I thought you were smarter than that.


Link? I don’t think I did unless it’s a typo

Icbf to look back


Systems like that, just like the delegate system, are in place for obvious reasons.

And the fact that the ones who should be losing are losing and whining a lot about it means they are working.


Correct, although we may not agree about who should be losing. Nevertheless, the system is NOT broken… It’s working exactly as it was designed to work.


Even without such systems, eventually, what’s good and RIGHT prevails.

Even though the commies here defrauded as many voting machines as they could

Even though the media was completely against them

Bolsonaro and Trump still won

Because in the end, the PEOPLE is the best system. You can fool just so many of them.


Trump lost by 3 million votes on a national level. Bush 43 was handed the presidency by the SCOTUS.

This has nothing to do with the will of the majority of the American people.


Without this system 60% of the states never would have joined the union…FACT


Yes, and it’s made us drag the racism into the 21st century. 242 years of this odious bullshit. Maybe two countries might have been better.


I will keep my eyes open, I think that it had a lot to do with farmers.


Yes, the source, I know.:grin:


Jarrett Stepman is an Expert?

I piss on his opinion, by the way. The EC has ALWAYS from its inception been profoundly anti-democratic and a relic of the elitist white paradigm of the constitution itself.

And some people claim (it was taught in fourth grade when I was a schoolboy) that it guards against a crazed populist candidate because wiser heads will prevail. That sure didn’t happen in 2016, and that is partly because the two-party system has gutted the EC of that kind of power. It’s so important to both parties that they have openly colluded to protect the EC, and not for the people’s weal either.


The right is seldom good or right. :stuck_out_tongue:


If ever.