This is why the GOP wins



No, I don’t owe you any explanations. I just laugh at you, angry little man.


Angry? HAH
I’m seeing the left being demolished and pulverized in the biggest political showdown that this country has ever witnessed

This is being one of the greatest years in my life, actually.


Wow, that’s just pathetic.


You keep insulting me. It doesn’t matter. I smile as I type.


Of course you do, I’m probably the best looking guy that will ever bother to send some words towards you



You keep deflecting from the failure of your argument. The people didn’t speak in 2016. You’re still wrong. You lost, but typical of conservatives, you refuse to be held to account for your own words. So, you have a tantrum. Sad!


No, the people spoke

It’s just that there were mechanisms in place that work as safeguards to avoid idiots from taking over

Too many idiots clustered in California, it’s not fair that they get to ruin everywhere

And you see, EVEN without those mechanisms, eventually, the majority wakes up

Like it’s happening here

Better deal with it, tootsie


I’m sorry I didn’t tell you there would be math.


Like I said previously, just stopped trying

go scream at the sky some more


Why? I’m being entertained right here.


I remember when I had my first beer.


That was probably back when Cadillacs had tail fins and Rancid’s posts were entertaining.


I disagree, because historically Cadillacs actually had fins.