This should trigger some of you :D



Those gold curtains. Ewwwwww.


Is that The Nuge?






Some LIBs poasted here on Facebook…


It does not matter cause 95 percent of the USA is fucking scum anyway

But, what an embarrassment to the history of the White House


I’ve searched on all the search engines, does anyone know if Nugent wiped his azz or not, before he went into the WH?


There’s a golden showers joke in there somewhere.

But let me check with @E_Normus_Johnson before I come up with one, since there is no official mention of Trump’s golden shower fetish in this thread, so people might not even know wtf I was talking about if I did make one. And that might cause some people to get irregular.


One no talent hack meets another… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


There, there.


I think people would be triggered if they gave more than zero fucks about Ted Nugent.



That rug really ties the room together.


This should trigger some others: