This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)


…but not a dime out of her pocket.:grin:



Trump reportedly rejected aggressive coronavirus testing in hopes it would help his re-election
Peter Weber
The Week March 13, 2020, 5:18 AM PDT


Same reason he stated (above) why he didn’t want to disembark that cruise ship. If the numbers reflect REALITY, it doesn’t look good for him, so he’s managing, as HE indicated HIMSELF, the numbers.



(this seems like the closest thing we have to a SERIOUS COVID-19 THREAD)

Well worth a quarter hour.


I’ve been using the “This Socks” thread. JM2c






I edited the thread title, as usual forgiveness vs permission, ok LR2?


Probably not gonna make it to Fleet Week this year.


I’m unclear whether this is a regular event on the calendar, year to year, or a floating holiday…?


Usually every October. I think we’ll be back up and running by then.


This is a nice thing, for this young stud to do.


For me,


Week is a good excuse for a


Trip to San Francisco.


Please stay safe folks!


I’m disappointed at my failure to inject a better pun.


You should ask me then. If bad jokes are a disease, I am a carrier.

(edit: and, come to think of it, a humor destroyer)


Free Covid-19 tracker for your desktop.

There are 2 cases in St Louis County, a hunnert miles from here. Nothing closer as yet. That’s how remote we are from all the action.

And yet, the local nutjobs have bought up all the TP and Purell in town, and even all the aloe vera oil you can use to mix yer own.

Go figure, is all I can say.


Just got an email from Pacific Graft & Extortion (PG&E) saying they will not disconnect anyone’s gas or electric for nonpayment during the crisis.