This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)


Darn it all and I just paid my bill!



(it uses a lower case h and it makes the body clear)


My lectric is supposed to be a PUD, and we still pay a flat monthly fee just for funsies, in addition to the usage charges.


OMG, I just caught a snippet of Typhoid Trumps speech/campaign rally from earlier

Sumbish can just barely read his notes.


Well, since we are all doomed anyway…I guess it’s OK.:slightly_smiling_face:


The shelves will be restocked almost immediately anyway. Enjoy the laugh.



I read that a day or so ago. I still think it’s wishful thinking.


Cultists will follow him into their body bags.


Walmart paper product aisle.


The Beverage Aisle at the shoppers.

Thank You Jesus, thank you lord.


Less than 48 hours after Spokane Public Schools
announced they would be closed (starting Tuesday)
for a month, parents in Coeur d’Alene ID received
a e-mail from the school district saying they would
be closed starting Monday for a month.

You could feel the tension in the air as parents
started freaking out over what to do with their
kids if they couldn’t be in school. Most employers
don’t have paid sick leave. These closures will
cause the most problems. IMO.


Same shit is going on here.

The stepdaughter who used to be known as Suzy around these forums is a single mom with 2 kids, barely keeping her head above water. She also “cheats” the school system in that she lives about a hunnert feet into the next county but wants to keep her kids in this county’s schools, so she registers them from our home address and they have to be transported to school by her or Gypsy, then dropped off here for Mom to pick them up after work (or else picked up directly from school, some days.

Point is, if she stays home with her kids cause it’s illegal to abandon them there, she’ll lose her job. There is no safety net, and there are thousands just in this community who are in the same dire straits.


Well, in this era of carpooling kids, maybe it’s
time to have mini-daycares. Families can get
together to spread out missed days, and child
care, rotating who sits with the kids and a which

Employers who cause trouble should be outed.


One of the community pages I am on, several mom’s and dads are working on some sort of community day care pool.





Hmm, maybe a side arm would protec me from the Obamavirus?


Ski slopes, and Portland’s most famous, and one of the largest book stores, Powell’s is closing, for the plague. Starting to get weird peeps. Kind of burnt tasting.


my roomies bar is shutting down for two weeks but I’m still hustling tree for now. The CLAMPDOWN is on, bring out yet dead…


Capitalism is slowly coming to a stop…but it prolly won’t affect me none…party on.