This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)


You’re still okay up in the North Bay, probably soon for sure.


The bit about virus never having been exposed to humans and hence it is especially dangerous due to no native resistance. Is that what yer so says?

Oh and the fact I even though I feel great, I could be still a carrier is spooky too.


Yeah, novel diseases that our body hasn’t ever encountered are usually the most virulent.


any of your consumers looking for virus relief?



I think Friday we were in the 2k’s?


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Fuucccckkkk work has been crazy, we had a massive line stretching outside and across the parking lot when I left tonight. Sonoma County is joining the shelter in place movement tonight at midnight until April 5th…


Aren’t you an “essential service” tho? Medicinal and all


Uhhh, right.


yes we are actually


Then you’ll be busy when it actually closes down. I guess a lot of people there work in SF, Oakland, etc…


Yeah lot of people here work in the city. We’ve been swamped, im so worn out, it’s a good thing it’s my Friday today or I would have to call in tomorrow, I haven’t missed a day yet.


Damn that’s rough. Do you get 2 days off in a row?




Retail slaves are just supposed to work until we die and get exposed so everyone can have their “stuff”… then after being stressed out all day, not compensated anything extra for it we get to go do stressed out food hunting after everything has been ravaged through… and alot of people get pissed when we make $15 an hour.


Up here in the rainy woods of Orygun, everything except very essential services is shutting down. So far Tavern’s Restaurants, Fast Food Drive Thrus are still open, just no sit down meals…

The nearby Native Casinos just shut it down today too.


Same here, can’t sit in, gotta get take out.


By the time this is over we might be eating one another… think about this, all the food packaging likely comes from China, even without the Coronavirus here we are running out of packaging at work.


You say that like it’s a bad thing.


And that’s getting expensive. Every take out order is like $60