This weekend's San Bernardino County fire was started by a smoke machine at a gender reveal party


We really need a subboard for fucking idiots.

Best comment at my Lib Blogsite:

MOM: “Emma, there is something your Dad and I have been meaning to tell you. See, back before you were born, Emma, back in the glorious first decade of Emperor Trump’s reign, we were so excited to be bringing a beautiful little girl into the world that we had a big Gender Reveal party, and, uhh, accidentally burned down the whole county. We didn’t mean it. We just wanted to celebrate our sweet girl… Oh, Emma! Do you think you can ever forgive us, Emma?”

EMMA: “For the last time, Mom, it’s ‘Steve’ now.”



So was it female, or what?


These gender reveal things are lame AF.

Want a surprise, don’t find out and when the baby is born…SURPRISE.

That’s what I did both times and I could have known. I wanted a surprise after labor.

Imagine…kid pops out and it’s like Sara’s here.



Gender is not a social construct. It’s a biological fact for most people.


I think the premise is that gender reveal stunts are silly.


Then that’s what the tweet should say, no?


Wrong… You’re confusing gender with sex.

Sex refers to the biological differences between males and females.

Gender refers to the continuum of complex psychosocial self-perceptions, attitudes, and expectations people have about members of both sexes.


Well, they had a sex reveal party then. Not a gender reveal party - the kid has no cognitive thoughts yet.


The child will eventually decide their own gender, hope they are trans so the dumb parent’s heads explode.


I think the whole thing is stupid.