Those earthquakes and the current state of Yellowstone


Dudes, this is kind of hair raising.



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Santorum sez shiny stones spent on this crap is a waste


I have read that Yellowstone has enough potential energy under it that if released, could in a major volcanic event potentially far worse than that time back when Obummer flooded the world for 40 and 40.


This is all bullshit - CA get rocked all the time and now the two are joined at the fucking hip

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Six calls bullshit


No this is a thing, it’s like the cascade subduction zone theory, a huge seem between two huge plates, one of which is under a goodly chunk of the Western US. A worst case “quake” could erase the west coast, at least the western most 4 or 5 states. (AK and HI) the more likely “big one” would still be devastating, but major damage being limited to a corridor along the coastline maybe a hundred miles give or take deep inland, but not including damages to structures, bridges, building power grids, water and sewer lines and so on further inland etc.

Rainier is another huge disaster potentially waiting to happen, but it isn’t thought to be nearly as risky as the Yellowstone Basin.


This animation, from Brad Aagaard and his team at the U.S. Geological Survey, shows projected earth movement (amplified by 1000 times to better see it). The USGS estimates about a 30 percent likelihood of a M7.0 event on the Hayward, sometime in the next 30 years (as of 2018). Such an event would likely cause 800 deaths, 18,000 injuries, and leave 100,000 people homeless.


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all of this is under the ground and wot does it matter - so I say it may go off or not - like the fucking weatherperson

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Bullshit - suppose you knew jellystone was going to blow at midnight

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So are you anti-science or generally anti-knowledge?

Figuring stuff out might just be a step to later breakthroughs


One wild assed possibility is maybe something scinece will figure out how to capture the energy of an earthquake and use it in the power grid, let alone the possibly of learning to more accurately predict them


There is science and then bullshit science


I think you may have that line blurred.


Science - I has it


So now I know what you mean when you ask for a real science link. I will do more like that for you next time, sorry.


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here is some science for ya


The inside of our planet is made of molten rock, think of an apple and the skin would represent the crust, the part that we live on. Without a molten core the earth would not have a magnetosphere. Without a magnetosphere the earth would not have an atmosphere, it would have been blown away ages ago. This is what happened to Mars.

So, be thankful for earthquakes, they occur because the earth’s crust is made of plates, plates that are constantly in motion.


But are these plates microwave safe and collectible?