Thoughts on using


Thoughts on using this pandemic to push abortion funding?

Pelosi is a piece of shit :joy:

Let’s get some single issue bills.

Edit: Wording was fixed in the bill

Pelosi is still trash


Sorry. Thank the Gods for Nancy.


No one is pushing abortion funding.


Boro prefers we shove a half trillion dollars to Munchkin’s pet corporations with no accountability, I guess.


Can you believe how brazen? Both sides are greedy fucks…but half a trillion dollars on a guy who’s that greedy with his greedy ass wife?

I wonder how many billions would go to his friends, family and associates?


Whoa, it’s almost like Congress gonna Congress!



Also, these are starting points…they know they’re not going to get all of it, so you put in the crazy shit, so it can be eliminated.

People who are so outraged act like they never have gone to a dealership to buy a car.


Dems: We want to increase SS payments
Reps: No
D’s: We want guarantees for sick pay
R’s: No
D’s: We want to know which corporations get bailout money
R’s: No
D’s: We’d like to prevent companies from using the money to buy back stock
R’s: No
D’s: Money for all families?
R’s: No
D’s: Focus on hospitals and healthcare workers?
R’s: No
D’s: Some kind of oversight?
R’s: No
D’s: …
R’s: Ok. The bill is done. Vote for it now mkay?
D’s: No
R’s: The Democrats have irresponsibly obstructed our attempts to provide relief to the American people!!!
Whose holding us hostage again?
Not Pelosi.
Try again.




I mean, clearly you’re not following my facebook posts like someone else here is… but that’s not the case.

I think some need bailouts… with lots and lots of strings attached. But we, the citizens, drive the economy so the middle class needs bailed out aswell. To the rate Canada is doing.


One does not facebook, one is not an attention hoor


You’re allowed to have an opinion.


Can we get them one issue bills, please.

These senators trying to stuff their pet projects down the throats “for covid19”


And yet there are times when you’ve said I am not allowed to express it.


Interesting that you continue to focus on things like this and not the half trillion munchkin slush fund. Dems are such assholes!


I use fb and have 27 followers in like 6 or 7 years. Family and a few best friends.

I’m not one that “friends” everyone.


Can they stop trying to politick a fucking crisis



Imagine NOT focusing on NEW news.

The 1.5 trillion or whatever the Feds injected into the economy was lost in like 30 minutes.

Obviously I think that’s stupid as fuck but atleast they TRIED instead of trying to profit and push their agenda from a fucking crisis.


Yeah. You might have some retarded ass opinions. But I’ve never said you weren’t allowed to have them.

I was avoiding an argument, but apparently you want one.



That’s exactly what they were doing. See, you’re minimizing that, and I find that interesting.