Thoughts on using


How? I’m blasting both sides for it. Between stocks, bill riders, allocating money for something that doesn’t need money to go to, so your friend gets more money for his program etc.

It’s all putrid, and I’m sick and tired of you hardcore libs thinking there’s nothing wrong with your party doing it.


What makes you think I think there’s nothing wrong with it?


According to you, if you don’t mention it you went bitching about it, therefore you got no problem with it.

Your logic


I’ve totally lost count of how many times I’ve said that both parties suck, that I feel no loyalty or obligation to either one of them, etc. I’m aware that others have said the same thing.

Yet you come in here and try to gin up a troll based on some kind of binary model that makes it necessary for every forum member to belong to one party or the other.

I won’t say that I’m “sick and tired” of this same bullshit trope which I can easily find on FB or a jillion other forums, but I do roll my eyes at it. Especially when I know you can do a lot better.


It was aimed at Wabbit. Because he’s a partisan hack.


Your hope that you can get under his skin, or win an argument with him, is a forlorn hope.

But have fun. This is a trolling thread, btw. You could put it there yourself, instead of thinking I won’t.


Is it too much to ask a hardcore libtard to denounce libtards when they fuck up?


Are there any hardcore libtards who poast here?


There’s left leaning people who refuse to bash the Democratic party when they fuck up, and instead go “BuT tHe RePuBlIcAnS”.

I’ve only seen Billdo and I say they’re all trash.


But they aren’t ALL trash, except to a young and idealistic person.


That’s your perception because you probably don’t read every post and you miss things. I don’t make a fukin daily post bashing the Dem party just to make sure you see it.

Where is your answer to my question? Are there any hardcore libtards here?




Not seeing them.


Can you tell me you condemn the Democrats for blocking legislation because they don’t want to give the president a win?

(They should be hung for that, by the way)


Never mind this fishing expedition – anyone who reads this forum can tell you I’ve condemned the Dems many times previously. I can’t speak to the question since it’s not specific enough. What about MY question though? Do you intend to dodge it forever?


Didn’t I answer it?




Give an example.