Thread for the daily mass shooting


Now, that might work!


I’m about to make this ten times creepier


( …looks for hourglass emoji )


Follow me, a researcher friend sent this to me and then posted it to Twitter, look what she found.

Michael_A_Perry on Twitter, a nobody, right? A few followers, followed a handful of people. Had the account since 2011 but what stands out? ONLY 2 tweets from this account BOTH last night BOTH as the shooting started.

Funny this account would sit silent for six years then just happen to be an eyewitness to last night and know IMMEDIATELY it was the Mandalay. Joe Kenda, I don’t believe in coincidence.

Also, and DM would be backing me on this, the keyword is THE country Music Festival. It’s a fixation word. Not just a concert or a show but THE country music concert.

Twitter confirms Michael_A_Perry account was first one to mention as Vegas and shooter together.

Any guesses as to whom Michael_A_Perry is/was?

Also, the Michael_A_Perry account has deleted ZERO tweets btw


Why would he even do that? Seems totally pointless.


As in, “if I were picking a venue for a mass shooting, this one would offer a tactical gold mine that would make Charles Whitman look like a moron?”


Wow, and he seemed like such a nice guy on Friends.


Just so you know, I am ravenously hungry for more info about this matter.



This will become part of the discussion, “bump fire” accessories for AR-15’s. Learn now, prepare for discussions later


I saw a post on FB describing this thing or difference, a few hours ago.



pics of the room





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