Thread for the daily mass shooting



Only 3 Dead, so not technically a Mass Shooting, but still…


18 injured, though, so I believe that, yes, that is a mass shooting.



18, yeah that’s pretty good!


I feel sick every time I see this thread at the top of the page. :frowning:


One of my students – female – was talking about what kind of gun she wants to buy for protection. This made me so sick. My own children have never suggested they want to buy a gun.


I wish women specifically would look up the stats on who ends up getting injured most often when there is a gun in the house.


Wimmins and kids.





It’s a good thing this 16-year-old had access to a gun, so he could make the deaths of his entire family and his friend clean kills.


Because you don’t ruin the hide!


First Allentown killing of 2018


Not wasting any time getting started in Allentown.


One less living here in Allentown

(To the Billy Joel tune)




very specific, he said exasperatedly


2 dead, 17 wounded in shooting at Kentucky high school; suspect in custody

Another day, another mass shooting (ADAMS)


I guess this may go on his permanent record

They used to threaten us with that back in the day

This will go on yer permanent record - and yer like in fourth grade


I guess it will also go on the permanent record of the kids who died.


Yeah - that’s bad - horrible - I dunno