Todays Funny




They have these for a lot of states, most of them pretty funny. MO has a dude with a hairy torso that has Missouri shaved into his belly. :open_mouth:





They give me a top of the line Fluke when I built mail machines and had the fucking nerve to ask fer it back when they closed

I was hopin


Ooooh, I get it, went over my head at first. I was thinking too literally and thinking, “I’ve electricitied before, I don’t remember ever getting a “futile” rating”





He’s itch hiking.







Back in the day my friends son who was 11 came home and told his parents that he was suppose to report to the teacher any drug activity at home

He then told his parents if he ever did that he would have no one to talk to and the parents and all their friends would be in jail

We never did drugs with kids around (EVER) but they are not stupid I guess



It sucks how they want to turn everyone’s kids into informants. Shit’s been going on too long IMO.






Where’s a killer asteroid when you need it?