Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’



Read the same article this morning. Fucking despicable.


All the media are slathering on this story today, FB is full of nevertrumpers bangin on with it.

But frankly, we all knew already how he viewed cannon fodder, except for the mercs working for HIM. Libs are preaching to the choir, already.


Probably so, but slandering vets, is going to be noticed by at least vets anyway and hopefully suburban women…I put up my Boot Camp pic on FB, just to stick to the orange man.






For good measure, the Pentagon is killing Stars N Stripes, some think on Trump’s "order."
It’s not like it was really “independent” anyway. I recall reading it on the regular while in Nam, but had to filter the stories because “moderate casualties” when applied to US units translated into “they got fucked up real bad.”

Otoh it was better than having nothing at all to read.


I didn’t see it too often in the Navy, but we had The Navy Times (Which I suspected was pretty much the same thing)

I’ve read recently (within an hour or so) That after the uproar over the news of the mag being cancelled Trump announced he Told the Pentagon to knock off the bs and save the rag. (wink wink)


I used to read it occasionally on planes or while I was hurrying up and waiting for the military.


Exactly, sometimes in the military world, you lack some of the commonplace things you have back home, like timely “civilian” media etc…


I’d guess it’s probably a lot different today with the cell phone…


I was on the boat somewhere east of the Caribbean, it was hot and muggy and i had just got off a 12 hour shift and was stumbling to my rack to sleep…there was a scrap of the boats “newspaper” laying on the deck i grabbed it to have something to read myself to sleep with…there was a story from home! PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS BEAT PHILLY TO WIN NBA FINALS. i had had no clue they were even in it. I wasn’t much of a fan at the time…but news about home felt good.



On a slightly different note, I was wondering if anybody has heard about Biden raping that woman he was accused of raping? No? How strange.:grin:


If this story was really true do you believe that it would have been buried for two years? Get woke!


Ask yourself this, if the story wasn’t true how could they post it on social media?


What about the thirty women Trump raped?


Disappointed that the media isn’t bringing up the fact that the Navy had to hide the USS John McCain name when tRump visited another ship




Thank you for that insight MS Lindsey.