Trump cancels visit to Ancient Site cause he don't get his way



He is so utterly clueless, spoiled, selfish, and fucking childish. I can’t stomach his bullshit.


Roose should comment cause of Ancient stuff and sich

Q Roose


Unlike former presidents who have made the trip, such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Trump declined to land the helicopter at a base of the historic site and then take the cable car up, preferring to cancel the visit altogether.

He’s a fat, lazy fucking pig with no regard for history.


Iron Maiden has a video from up there. I guess they must have walked.


The site looks cool

Iron Maiden sucks

It is an abomination that they let them play there


Get back in your tent.


I would rather listen to test pattern static - or RF noise a radio telescope finds



  1. He refused to visit the Wailing Wall with Israël’s president, wanted to go alone

  2. Refused to spend more than 15 minutes at the holocaust muséum, probably afraid he’d find out that Bannon has been lying to him



Strong possibility of a train wreck.