Trump impeachment


Is this going anywhere? Are we gonna see his ousted?

Starting to look like Wile E Coyote vs the Roadrunner.


As long as the Foxes are guarding the Henhouse (Ahem Moscow Mitch) The odds are that a bill of Impeachment would never make it to the Senate Floor.


He might be impeached, he won’t be convicted.


Conviction is literally holding the dude accountable.


Which is why McTurtle won’t let it happen.


He’s not looking that well today.




When has he ever looked well?


Oh nos!




Fucking country deserves him

mor scumbags then decent folks

98 percent scum at least ( conservative estimate)




I don’t think Michael Moore should be talking.
That guy isn’t exactly any kind of quality meat lol


You may not agree with him, but he’s an adult.


Same with literally every dictator, supreme leader? Etc
What’s your point?


The guys a filmmaker, it’s not like he’s pretending to be the leader of the world or anything.


“Filmmaker” :slight_smile:


Stop posting fer the night - yer crashin and burning faster then a max


You may or may not appreciate his film work, but that does not change the fact he is living very comfortably making movies, and occasionally adding his own 2 cents to the collective dialectic.


This is all puppet show to try and sway people for the election coming up. It’s sad to see people are dumb enough to play into it.