Trump Orders Military To Give Cops Free Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks



To be fair… My unit has about 150 bayonets that are collecting dust, and all our M203s were turned in because we have H&K 320s now.

A tank? Now that’s a hand receipt I don’t wanna sign.


Before I first enlisted I was talking to the Marines and took the asvabs, which are mostly like an aptitude test which determines which schools you can go to etc, part of it is a psych profile, I’m buzzing through the true or false part Q, I enjoy strangling puppies? (F) Then I came to the statement “I would enjoy using a bayonet in Combat” I sat there for probably 5 minutes (after giggling like a moron) trying to decide if the Marines wanted a guy that would enjoy gutting some dude with a big knife on the end of my rifle, or if admitting to enjoying that would possibly make them think you were too nutty for even the Marine Corp to train how to bayonet people in combat, I went with a false on that one too.


As did I.

The question is used to attempt to weed out people who would violate ROEs.


Ah. This will calm things down. Good move, Donny!