Trump praises nonexistent African country 'Nambia' in speech to African leaders



Is that near Pandora?


Given his usual divorce from reality, this seems like nothing more than a pretty tame misspeak.


I think it’s near Narnia.


Don’t they have a peace treaty with Agrabah?



Probably so, but it’s still funny.


Ruh roh!


He’s our greatest national embarrassment. He’s each of us, dancing nude on a table with a lampshade on our heads while trying to recite the first amendment and get that hot guy/girl to pay attention. Only he does it day after day after day, and is never embarrassed when reminded what he did at 3am the night before. In fact, he always thinks he did good, and he’s pretty sure he’s going to find that girl’s phone number in the back pocket of those pants – whenever he can remember where he left them.


It borders on Pandora’s Pussy. He’s going to make a grab for it.