Trump to resign?


A somewhat dubious yet plausible take


Not until, but as soon as, trump can spin up some language to turn his resignation into somehow a victory.

Unfortunately, “I don’t want to put Alaskans through the stress of a lame-duck governor” is already taken.


If he isn’t impeached, and if he does not stroke out, he will resign. The guy is not used to working for a living. Being president is hard work. He just didn’t get that he couldn’t just bullshit his way through his admin.

He’ll make up whatever cockamamie story comes to mind to protect his fragile ego.


Resign? Yeah if “dragged out kicking and screaming” is the new definition of resignation.


I think he’s another Sarah Palin. He just wants the glory, not the responsibility.


MrsWabbit had the same thought that Lion posted, if Trump can claim a"win", no matter how thin, he will quickly GTFO.


I am still hoping for a hanging.


Someday, I’d like to meet Mr. and Mrs. Wabbit.

Too bad that when Lions meet Wabbits, it usually turns out badly for the latter.

But sometimes…


Oh, 3 or 4…


That’s what i love about youse, your unbridled optimism.


“Evidence of his meltdown is the fact that he’s starting to scream at Jared Kushner,” Schwartz said. “Honestly, I think his kids are next.”

Schwartz said Trump’s sons might be spared for now since they’re not really in the White House picture.

“I can honestly easily see him going after Ivanka if she says the wrong thing right now,” Schwartz said. “I remember very vividly when I was working with him how terrified people would be of going up against him in any way when you could sense that he was feeling I can guarantee you he is feeling right now.”

Last year, Schwartz repeatedly criticized Trump despite having worked with him. He also advised the Hillary Clinton campaign for free.

“This is my penance for having created a man who has become a monster,” he said in September. “I’ve spent 30 years feeling bad about it.”

Schwartz also said he would be donating his share of the profits from “Art Of The Deal” to the National Immigration Law Center, an organization that aids low-income immigrants.


If he resigned, I’d see it like that.

"After accomplishing more in 3 months than all Presidents before me, This Office holds no more challenges for me Thank You Merica for all the White House Silverware.