Trump totally bald in back -- sickening video evidence




We’ve reached out to the White House for comment and will update when/if we hear back.


I want to unsee that!


One of Trump’s long lost relatives?


lol he had an outdated surgery

The reason few of us know about scalp reduction surgery is because it’s hardly ever performed. Once an option for dealing with hair loss, scalp reduction has gone out of fashion thanks to the rise of more effective, less painful treatments such as hair transplants.

‘Scalp reduction is an outdated surgical process,’ Dawn Fornshaw, managing director of Finishing Touches, tells Metro, ‘where a section of skin is removed from the scalp and sewn back together to allow existing hair follicles to be closer and give the illusion of more density.’


That guy’s much better looking than Trump!




“Like a cantaloupe that rolled around on the floor at the dog groomer’s” - that commentor showed some imagination.