Trump's personal Lawyer Lawyers up for Russiagate


Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, hires his own lawyer in Russia probe


OMG. Oh what a tangled web…


Yet another circle of hell revealed?



No, no, you idiots, Inception was about LAYERS WITHIN LAYERS, not lawyers within lawyers!



Mueller raided Cohen’s offices today.









I wonder if Trump’s personal lawyer should also be lawyering up for the fire in Trump Tower.

Bethenny Frankel’s businessman boyfriend, Dennis Shields, says he only found out when he got a text from President’s Trump’s embattled lawyer Michael Cohen, who is a childhood friend.

“Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, texted me and he said, ‘Are you in the building?’ and I texted him back, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You better get out, there’s a fire,’" Shields told CBS News.

Another resident, Lalitha Masson, told Inside Edition she only learned of the fire while watching local news.

“The building did not announce there was a fire and they failed to say to evacuate,” she said.