Trying to eat healthy


low carb, low sugar, low fat, high protein diet… No red meat, no pork, no soda, no to little sugary shit, whole grain, and feeling much better for it already, but fuck, sometimes I feel like I’m just starving and could kill you for a fucking low fat Triscuit. Even though I feel like I’m eating more than before I’m hungrier.

Eating a lot of chicken breast, eggs for breakfast usually a boiled egg, brown rice, whole grain shit, vegetables (not much potatoes or corn though) and lots of baby spring mix salad/greens. I think I’m going to fix some salmon tomorrow night and start eating fish once or twice a week… for snacking I’ve been having a banana or a mandarin orange, or a low fat Triscuit…

I’m cheating and having one little piece of Dove dark chocolate a night.

So tonight I’m having a small chicken breast cooked in a skillet with a very small amount of olive oil, a big salad with very little salad dressing, and I might have some lima beans with it and a piece of whole wheat bread.

Last night I had chicken stir fry (not a lot of stir fry sauce, shit is full of sodium) on some brown rice… the night before it was some chicken tacos on flour tortillas but I’m going to start buying the whole grain ones, and some brown rice, small salad. The night before that I had a chicken salad.

For breakfast I’ll usually just have a boiled egg and a piece of toast, no butter, so I can take my meds, not a breakfast person at all. For lunch I might have some leftovers from the night before or some lima beans on a piece of bread with a little butter.

Working on portions, I’m used to eating a big dinner though and nothing else all day, and it’s hard to get away from the big dinner.

I don’t mind eating like this really but I’m really craving the empty carbs a lot more than anything I think. Drinking lots of water, some tea (no sugar), and a bottle a day of some sparkling carbonated water shit full of artificial sweetener and a few vitamins. I don’t want to start drinking a bunch of that shit either.

Any suggestions??? I know there’s Turkey but I’m not really a big Turkey fan and would rather just have chicken… I might check out some Fukushima tuna steaks too.


You know, if you get dark chocolate from a health food store (not the Dove crap) that’s at least 70% dark, it’s actually good for you.

Also, you can get gluten free crackers. Some of them aren’t so bad.


Honestly Bildo, that craving for shit carbs will go away. I eat a pretty low carb diet and I found after a week or so, I stopped wanting to stab someone just for a baked potato.

For breakfast, I would suggest not eating eggs every day, or at least not egg yolks. You shouldn’t have more than 4 egg yolks in a week because of cholesterol I believe. Egg whites, you can have as many as you like. I would suggest a steel cut oatmeal with nuts, a bit of drier fruit and a little no sugar maple syrup for the sweetness if you want to mix it up.

Pinterest ( is a great place for low carb or diabetic recipes. If you don’t have an account, get one and do a search for diabetic or low carb and they will have loads of stuff for you.


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Avocados. Good for you and the fats are filling. To drink: try kombucha. Much better for you than artificially sweetened vitamin water.

In addition to fish, chicken, and turkey, try beans and nuts for protein.

You can grind cashews up and put them into all kinds of things. They taste excellent and are filling.


Lettuce wraps are really good as well. Mostly veggies, little meat and you don’t feel robbed not having the wrap because you have the lettuce. You can substitute buns for lettuce as well for hamburgers and save yourself some carbs.


Soup or chili are goods one too. Low in carbs but really filling.


Thanks for the suggestions, taking notes!

I’ve been eating a lot of lima beans lately, they’re supposed to be good for you too…


Yeah beans are great and there’s a lot of them to mix it up.

The other latest craze is substituting cauliflower in things like pizza dough and such.


My spring salad garden will be starting soon and I’ll have tons of lettuce and greens… gonna grow my own organic baby spring mix… For years the best I’ve felt is when I’m eating a big salad out of the garden every day.


Do your own stir fry, EVOO and spices. If you’re lazy like me, Mrs Dash has a couple of decent no-salt spice mixes, I like McCormick’s better mostly because they use red pepper rather than cayenne.

Cauliflower can also be a substitute for potatoes when making mashed.


Quinoa is good when you throw in some currants and green onions.[quote=“Wabbit, post:11, topic:18245”]
Cauliflower can also be a substitute for potatoes when making mashed.
Yes! They are delicious.


What about sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, good or bad?


Sweet potatoes are much, much better for you than regular potatoes.


Kale kale kale!


I guess there’s nothing one could add in these days that’s not already on the web

One thing I that I saw when I came back to Brazil is how the junk food you guys consume is even worse than ours

I think they still use real sugar to sweeten the soda here. I had to stay away from HFCS soda there, drinking it two days in a row would make my kidneys hurt for som reason. But in the last couple years, I’ve been really nagging about it at home and making my wife to buy it as little as possible. I’ll bitch if I see it around more than once a week

Your body gives some sure signs. This happened about 10 times in the last 5 years. I would wake up with a MAJOR stomachache and while sitting on the john, I’d have this terrible abdominal cramp, sweating and the strangest thing, my mouth would salivate like crazy, to a point where I could spit a mouth full twice a minute, really scary shit. And all of these times I had eaten a lot at night before going to bed, usually because of bad munchies. I’d mix fruit with candy, cake, pastries, salty snacks, whatever was available. I read around and it sounded like some sort of gut inflammation.

Nowadays I don’t even look in the junk food pantry, that’s my daughter and wife’s territory now.

I just keep the fridge stocked with guavas, watermelon, oranges, etc. My wife is a excellent cook and baker, so there’s always a cake or something she made in the house, I’ll have that too, but of course, in moderation and I never skip on my guavas. Eating a whole orange too (except for the peel, of course) is great, once a week, that mass of fiber scrubs your guts clean. I like to peel one with a knife and eat everything, including that white skin. I spit the seeds, obviously



Yes, actually. Kale. I hate the taste of kale, but when I chop it up and mix it in with other lettuces and cabbage, etc., it actually makes the salad taste better.


For diabetics, there is this thing called the Glycemic Index. You want to choose foods lower on that index. Sweet Potatoes are lower than regular potatoes.

Here’s a link with some of the staples so you get the idea. You can find calculators and more comprehensive lists all over the place:


Also leeks. I am a yuge leek fan, the prince of winter veggies.


Yeah I’m not a kale fan either but I do like you do and mix it with other greens and you don’t really taste it.