Trying to eat healthy


I agree. I don’t know why he would want her. Nor should a woman who gets dumped by her husband because of her weight take him back after she loses weight. Shallow assholes of either gender suck.


He realizes she betrayed him, but still loves her, they have 4 kids under the age of 21.

What really stinks about the whole situation is that the wife and the man she had an affair with, also is married with children. :frowning: No clue if the other guy’s wife forgave him.

He mainly lost the weight for himself. :slight_smile:


I’ve still been eating pretty much the same, maybe healthier because we were having a lot of garden salads for awhile. I haven’t been losing weight as quickly, I’m at 173 lbs. But my waist keeps shrinking, down to the last hole in the belt and it’s loose and I feel like I’m still losing body fat, maybe building a little muscle working outside.


You’re 173, aren’t you 6 foot something? You must be skinny, I’m a hair over 6’3" I was down to about 180 several years ago, and looked like I just escaped from Auschwitz, I’m about 220 now, a tad bit of body fat hanging on.


I’m 6’2, I was 200-220 most of my life, I can see my ribs and shit now… not really skinny yet though, I probably got another 20lbs of body fat to go.


I’d like to be closer to 200


I rarely eat red meat anymore, red meat and large amounts of sugar fuck me up. I eat a lot of chicken, lima beans, whole wheat bread, salads, brown rice, bananas and tuna.


Why do you want to be skinny? 173, 6’2" is already thin.


I rarely eat red meat, mostly just because it has gotten soo expensive.


Not really out to get skinny just to get rid of the rest of my body fat which I’ve burned through most of already.


Yeah, one of my legs is really, really short.


Some mornings I pole vault out of bed.


170lbs today, I think I was 205 when I went to the ER. I need some new clothes, I had been wearing size 36 jeans for the last 5-6 years… I bought one new pair of size 34 jeans a couple months ago and they’re already really loose on me too. My belt is at its last loop, a lot of my shirts seem too big…


That’s amazing Bill! Congratulations on your journey to better health!


Thanks Starling, I’ve been eating a bit more badly lately but not so much to make myself sick, and still lots of chicken and salads, lima beans etc… 170 is about where I’d like to stay I think.


I hope you are celebrating reaching your goal. That’s a big deal IMHO.


Eating healthy, real food is good for you and the planet! :clap:


I think what makes me sick more than anything is greasy/fatty food. I think I might have brought it on by eating lots of medicated coconut oil for a couple years. I don’t think coconut oil is nearly as healthy as a lot of people make it out to be, and I’ve had people tell me it’s worse than eating lard. (It’s just as greasy). Another guy told me that in Canada it has a warning label on it.


I’ll have to look because I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing about warning labels on coconut oil.