Trying to eat healthy


That grass-fed beef burger tasted really fucking good, too. The hub made them with grilled onions and avocado. Mmmmmmm.


If you buy 400 dollar of foods en all at the shoppers you get a free turkey…
I am going to cook my free turkey tomorrow and will keep you abreast of the proceedings as usual. Turkey is not bad food and I think better than the average chicken. Have it with some wild rice and a cruciferous veg - yum.
You like soda - here’s what I drink. I get some of that POM 100% Pomegranate juice and pour a little of that in a glass, then over that goes San Pellegrino. Yum yum - and I have that much to keep me well hydrated while having my w/e bourbon. You can have the chocolate so long as you have maybe 85% of maybe Green and Black’s which is good stuff. Yum yum.
'course there is some sugar in those last things.


I think small farmers could probably make better money by cleaning up their act and producing a much better product. I’d love to buy direct from someone that I knew was doing it right. Chicken, eggs, beef…


Look up grass fed/organic meats on the google for your area. There will be some farms around that are certified. You go to them and there will be a pretty, young and wholesome farm girl there to sell you some with a smile.


Would these wholesome young farm girls, you know pee for you, if you wanted? (A friend of mine who is a veteran,very very military, more military than military guys to be honest about it, was asking)


My gf picked up one of those Green and Black organic chocolate bars yesterday and had a few pieces last night, it was a little different than the fatty dove type chocolate I’m used to but very good still.

I’ll eat a little turkey on turkey day but I’m not a big turkey fan, would rather have chicken.


I think of my breakfast as my Spartan meal. I am for low calorie and low carb and high protein. Anything fast and healthy. Today I had cottage cheese(I don’t eat this frequently) and a pear. That’s was it, 280 calories.

That will keep me from getting famished during the day and give me some energy to boot.

Other days I might have some leftover grilled chicken or leftover lean hamburger, that sort of thing.

I put a lot more thought into my dinner.


Probably not the healthiest, I had a 1 egg sandwich cooked in a very lightly oiled iron skillet, 1 piece of whole wheat bread toast, half slice of merican cheese…


Merkin cheese ain’t cheese, man. And regular cheese is very salty. Not a “no”, just a “watch out”.


This is Cheese,


No it ain’t, you gotta get Extra Sharp Tillamook!


Eat all the eggs and cheese you want. I know a doctor that starts his day with a dozen and eats another dozen throughout the day. It’s not the cholesterol that’s going to fukk with you. It’s junk science… invented by Merck Labs years ago designed to get half the planet on statins. The protein benefits of eggs, cheese and organic meat far outweigh any cholesterol concerns. What has been killing folks for many decades now is gluten. Gluten lines your intestinal tract with a thick layer of a goo similar to glue and prevents the absorption of about 90% of all nutrients. It’s tough going gluten free because about 95% of all bread product have gluten… including many whiskeys, wines and most beers. Frankly, gluten is what gives bread, pizza, crackers, snacks, etc, etc their moist,tasty and chewy nature. And were talking all foods made from wheat, barley, rye and oats. Foods you think are healthy like whole wheat, whole grain, rye and oatmeal are no better for you than processed white bread. They will all make you ill and kill you over time. The only healthy grains are millet, rice, buckwheat, Couscous, Quinoa and GMO free corn.


  1. Wheat
  2. Barley
  3. Rye
  4. Oats, Oatmeal – even if it says that it’s gluten free
  5. Fried Food – nothing fried! You should boil, broil or bake and never more than medium rare.
  6. Oils – Yes, this includes Olive Oil! NO canola, NO coconut, etc… If it has OIL in the name don’t use it. This also includes anything made from oil, like salad dressing. Dr. Wallach recommends using salt and lemon juice as a salad dressing. No margarine or combo spreads. No mayonnaise. Nothing made from oils.
  7. No burned fats – If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire (like aluminium foil) so the juice doesn’t drip onto the flame and deposit dangerous things on the meat.
  8. Any nitrates added to meat – (ie: deli meats) tell your butcher NO NITRATES or NITRITES!
  9. No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during or one hour after meals.
  10. Skin of a baked potato (or yam, or sweet potato). If you boil a potato, you can eat the skins.


  1. eggs

Poach; This is his number one choice because the water never reaches a temperature greater than 212 degrees.
Scramble with butter over very low heat and only until they are just setting up. If you can hear them cooking it’s too hot.
Soft boil with the yolk still runny. Some call them “2 minute eggs”
Raw Eggs are good BUT you must increase your Biotin. This can be done by taking the Hair, Skin & Nails capsules.

  1. Salt
  2. Dairy
  3. Fish
  4. Chicken
  5. Pork
  6. Lamb
  7. Organic Beef—rare/medium rare
  8. Veggies
  9. Fruit
  10. Mixed, Salted Nuts—minus peanuts
  11. Nut Butters—no extra sugar
  12. Rice
  13. Millet
  14. Pure Buckwheat (Isn’t wheat).
  15. Beans
  16. Couscous (made from pearl millet only).
  17. Quinoa
  18. Corn (GMO Free)
  19. Coffee, Tea, Green tea
  20. 4-8, 8oz glasses of filtered water each day. Avoid soft plastic bottles.
  21. Lard (yes, lard!)
  22. Any carbohydrate (except oatmeal) that is “Gluten Free” is OK.


No offence DM, but I don’t suggest Bildo follow your recommendations.


There are some good suggestions in there but avoiding oils(fat) isn’t a good idea.


Fuck this shit, I’m ordering a pizza for dinner.


Get yourself a nice Salmon flillet or steak, some wild rice and some broccoli, and a glass of cognac.


And you know what, DO THAT! That’s a totally okay thing to do. If you want a pizza, have a pizza. Just don’t eat shitters of it and don’t do it every day. Depriving yourself just makes it harder to stick with a change in eating habits.


I strongly un-recommend cheese (except maybe raw organic) of any kind when one is having health issues.


Why is that?


Dairy causes so many problems. Too many to mention here, and besides, I know people who don’t want to hear it will just poo poo it, so I won’t go into it. But for anybody who really wants to dig deeply into real healthy eating, do some research on dairy. THE WORST food ever.