Trying to eat healthy


C’est moi.


Vraiment? Je la frapperais…

(Ou bien, “fapperais”)


Frapperais? LOL!!!


To avoid being misconstrued, I modify my comment to

Je frapperais ça


Ca est moi, eh?


Mais oui!


Some of it is psychological, having mental strategies that work. and sich. One thing that works for me is having foods like an apple or carrot nuggets that take care of remaining hunger.

Remember: two minutes after you have alleviated the hunger you won’t care if you ate the junk food or the carrot nuggets.



Also I drink a lot of tea, keeps my stomach filled.


I’d hit it


That’s what I said!


They are all yuuuuuuge. Every one is over 6 ft, and 200 lbs.

Only me and Starling are under that, and we are exactly the same height and weight. Actually, only Lotus is smaller at about 5’ 3" and 120.


Like I said, fat fucking pigs.


It’s not our fault that you’re a small person. Try wearing cowboy boots.


I’m not tiny, like Holliday, but I’m not a fat fucking pig neither.

Get off the computer and on to the exercise bike you slob.


I could lose a few lbs. But 210 at a bit over 6’3" I’m not “obese”


Lemme guess…you’re 180lbs and your name is Dave.


That puts you about 10lbs off a “normal” designation for weight.


You got the weight correct, but my name isn’t so pedestrian.


Of course I got your weight correct. Seems 180lbs is the standard weight of human douchebags. :smile: