Uh oh, is it Trump's "Nixon moment"?



The Articles of Impeachment are writing themselves.


And Trump’s Golden Parachute, Bill Barr, is saying this is a crime.


Opening the question:

Will the Senate give a flying fuck?


Try to keep up



That may not mean, what we think it means.


It doesn’t say that cohens assertions are false. It says that buzz feeds description of those assertions is inaccurate.


Damn, I know - it’s fucking circle talk


I don’t want impeachment. I want him to be defeated politically. Afterall, impeachment is a political act. He was already lame, now he’s a lame duck. Not much more harm he can do other than maybe start a war. But Daddy Putin won’t let him do that in any case.

Now, if the Department of Justice would start charging a president with crimes, charge and try him. I’d cheer that on.