UnTied Airlines kills another dog


Last year, UnTied killed three times as many dogs as all their competitors put together. And that’s not even mentioning how much they like to bust up guitars and other musical instruments.


I wonder what “accepts full responsibility” means for killing essentially a family member.


Those fuckers.


It’s a good thing they didn’t kill Dave Carroll’s dog. I remember the day this video went up. I saw it at like 525 views. I’d followed his guitar story online and he told United he’d write a song (he’s a Canadian folk musician). They said do it.

I got SO MANY ‘social media researcher is great’ points when I sent out an email to our office that said watch this video, then watch the numbers. I told everyone by Friday this will have 2 million views and United will have to react.

I was right.

United lost 8% of stock price when this video was raging. Oops. Maybe buy him a new guitar. Now they’ve graduated to killing dogs. Maybe it’s like serial killers a bit. They start by killing animals. Maybe United just started on guitars.