Usa usa usa!


US Wimmins Win the World Cup. Again.

fuck you trump



Can’t find the vid as a standalone, so click on it in the twitter feed here:

Fox News FTW


This team is SO awesome and by this team I don’t JUST mean 2019. THIS team, the won that won the first Women’s World Cup. The team that has won World Cups in Asia, Europe and 2 in North America. They just win. They barely lost another to Japan. There is no better team that reps this nation. You can say basketball but that’s just so stale anymore. It’s why hockey in the Olympics was exciting and when the pros went basketball wasn’t; in hockey six nations truly had a chance to win.

Such a rich history. I’m getting an Alex Morgan jersey cuz I want a 4 star jersey and she’s also, like myself, a huge FC Barcelona fan


Fox man funny!


I’m not a team jersey guy, but I might get a Rapinoe, because fuck trump


Why the hell not? She’s All-American. She’s like the Babe Ruth of women’s soccer. I know the others have scored more but the bigger than life Avenging Purple Haired Lesbian Star attitude makes it so.


Holy smokes, as you might expect, Amazon has shitloads of stuff.


I wouldn’t wear this without carrying, but I might order one for my gay foster daughter person.




It’s not like people are going to attack you for wearing a shirt.


…but this in no way means to suggest that the Brazilian womens teams is without some talent…