Using their actions against them


Given the fact that both sides are utilizing the fascist ideology of “vote for my candidate or it’s a vote for the candidate I hate”, I find it interesting that I’ve seen multiple polls showing Jo ahead of either Biden, or Biden and Trump. We can speculate the lack of scientific polling, etc but the data raises a question for me: At what point does it go from “Your vote is wasted because a vote for C candidate is actually a vote for A/B” to "Fuck, we robbed C of votes, maybe we should have voted for C… WE were the wrong ones."
Pictures below at two different polls.


What is the Libertarian Candidates position on Soup Control?


Abolish the National Soup Control Act.


Meme is relevant poke at the stupidity of the two party fascist statements.



In Portland we’re not only under attack by Trump and his Trumpkins, we’re also under attack by the Democrats on both a city and state level who are working with the Trumpkins against us. All we’re asking for is the demilitarization of and some accountability from the police department… But apparently it’s more important to suppress free speech and brutalize peaceful protesters rather than hear us out.


Yuuge if true, game changer.


Okay that’s a good one :joy: