Veggie Garden 2017


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I don’t think time travel will ever be a thing.
[/quote]Every time I get close to prototyping, some dude named XG87R keeps popping in and stealing my most essential part. I lock the doors and he still manages it.


You said that yesterday and the day before and tomorrow -


Lol, i rewatched Edge of Tomorrow (think Groundhog Day meets SciFi) just this morning.


I have always wondered about that, too. Back in the day, cans were way more likely to harbor botulism.


How the hecks would you seal a can anyway


With a canning machine:


I know you can do it - just ain’t as good as glass


Got my money back from the Greenworks fucks and got one of these today… it’s not a big 300lb rear tine tiller but it will save me a lot of time and energy.


That will do if ya got easy ground

where I am is all freaking rocks


Well it’s definitely not a 300lb rear tine tiller, I’m guessing it’s not going to do real great on hard turf, but it does pretty good on my garden spots I’ve worked previous years, my only complaint is a lot of shit gets wrapped around the tines… just planted a bunch more swiss chard.


Let me sum it up

The fucking thing is a pain in the ass unless you got the best soil


It is way better then doing it by hand - so I don’t think you went wrong

Like I sed, I had a gas one but it destroyed itself - I did use it a lot thou


I waited too long to plant seedlings this year. Fortunately, there is a grocery store that sells 6 seedlings for $1.25, not bad. A lot of variety as well.

It’s getting close.:smile:


I was late for the warmer weather, mine are still really small. Usually the traditional date to put tomatoes and peppers etc. out is May 15th here… seems to have moved up about a month…


I think we will both do fine. Yesterday I went to the shoppers for a CD. They didn’t have the CD but I picked up 6 grape vines.


It’s probably not a good idea to eat anything from a can that looks like this. Hope this helps.:smile:


This year is pretty much suckin so far… I planted some lima beans, zucchini, and cucumbers today. Starting to get a little lettuce but it’s about ready to bolt from the hot weather… my spinach grew like 4-5 leaves and bolted… same with the pak choi… got some corn sprouting up, never grown corn before, planting some tomatoes and peppers tomorrow… tilled the fuck out of some shit all afternoon/early evening.


Corn takes a lot of space but nothing tastes better that corn that is cooked within half an hour of picking.

I bought some small plants the other day, six per tray for $1.75 a tray.

Today will be our first hot day. They say.


Been picking some lettuce and strawberries, just feasted on some strawberries this morning. The first dozen or so I picked last week some of them were a little slug damaged but since the weather has dried up a little they’re looking nice. I need to start another bed of them.

I’ve been working on my tomato patch now for the 3rd day…hopefully planting it soon.


I’m not doing any gardening this year. I am going to help Spoon make jelly. We have jars and jars of juiced berries that came from Spoon’s brother. We inherited all of the jelly making stuff this year. Oh boy!


Mmmmm. That sounds good.