Veggie Garden 2017


We’ll. Brother in law always gave me blueberry jelly. It’s my favorite. But there is a large variety berry juice. But I’ll probably keep all the blueberry. LOL


Blueberry jelly is delish. I also love raspberry.


There will be raspberry, blackberry, and cherry.


Does he have a berry farm or what? I would like to get enough perennial stuff going like strawberrys, raspberries, blueberries etc. to have a good harvest of them every year…


Some quick bad pics off my vid camera

I’ve got a lot of stuff planted that should be sprouting soon…everything is weedy, haven’t had time to deal wtih them trying to get everything planted… this spot is mostly planted.

Other half of the yard

Strawberries, I planted 12 plants in a 4x8 bed last year and they took over most of it.

Some of the Lettuce

Half bed of peppers I planted earlier this week, I’ll be doing the rest soon as soon as I eat the lettuce in the other half…

Some kale for JJ and a small patch of corn just starting behind it…

My tomato spot was all overgrown, I tilled it up… need to get more of the wild strawberries and grass out of it and get it planted, but fuck it’s hot out there right now.


Could I ask you to have a chat to @Starling.

Her blood is more Italian than pesto, but she can’t grow a fucking tomato!!!

Apparently her family are disowning her.


Dig hole in ground, plant tomato… she lives pretty far north though, not sure what a tomato season looks like up there.


Apparently they get plenty of sunshine 3 days a year, then lots of snow.


So I seeded a whack of cherry tomato plants. They had just sprouted up and were growing fine. Then I forgot the container with the pots outside (for a couple of days - oops!) We had a big wind storm and it got fairly cold so most of them ended up dying.



Speaking of berries, does anyone else know what a huckleberry is?


I’m yours.


A berry from the huckle tree?


They grow on bushes.


Berries that grown on huckle bushes



I lost a bunch of starts this year, left them outside during a monsoon…


My store bought tomatoes are doing just great.6@$1.99 :grin:


It’s a real pisser. I’m going to the nursery this weekend to get some proper plants.


I bought a few 6 packs of tomato and pepper plants at the store. It didn’t destroy them all but it got all of my cherokee purple starts which are my favorite tomato by far.


Ah that’s a pisser!