Veggie Garden 2017


Try these.

Can’t go wrong.


Are ants an issue in a garden?



Good to know! We have a colony in our front planter box.


Not if you buy tinned tomatoes.


Ehhh on those canned tomatoes man, I want fresh tomatoes and lots of them.


They’re fresh when they go in the can!!!


shakes head

Have you ever eaten a fresh tomato?


I bought 3 dwarf apple trees last year. I still have to transplant 2 of them from the original small containers.

Get this: one of the trees that is still in the small containers has about 50 marble sized apples on it. I don’t know what to do, the main stem is getting bent over. Not good.


I don’t know doodah about apple trees but I’d pull all the fruits and flowers off of it and throw it in the ground.


I think that you are right but it pains me to remove all those cute little apples.




Outta the can!!!


Every day I pick a half quart to a quart of strawberries then chow them down fresh. Gotta look more into mass production…


I swear there’s another name for that…


I thought it was a pint but will admit I had to look it up. :upside_down:


Still haven’t started my 2017 grow. Getting late. I better get started on the super soil mix and soaking some seedlings today.


You still got time I think but yeah you better get on it, maybe even go buy a few clones.


I bought a lb of raspberry rootstock online, now I gotta find somewhere to plant it… the place I bought from recommended these for where I live so that’s what I got…


Just ordered 25 plants of these Seascape strawberries too… getting a little late in the year to be planting this stuff but it should be fine and produce next year.


Isn’t the season longer in So Cal?