Veggie Garden 2017


I’d imagine so you could probably grow berries almost all year long and I’m sure you could grow stuff like lettuce and greens all through the winter.


Fer the mary joo anas, too, I’d imagine.


I’d get a couple mandarin orange trees if I lived there.


Weed starts budding around when the light hits a 12/12 light cycle… not based on temps or anything, then it ripens up around october.


I see.


But I see some guys will use greenhouses and stuff and throw a black tarp over it after 12 hours of light every day and get a few outdoor crops a year.


No, I’m not preparing for the apocalypse. I’m mixing chemicals for my super soil.


Walter White…


Been out farming, tilling, getting the weeds out, preparing to put more tomatoes in the ground, a little late but they’ll still produce. Should have more than I know what to do with. But fuck it if anything I’ll take them to a local soup kitchen type place.


It looks like you have been getting some hot weather. It will be coming my way in a couple of days.



It was getting up to around a 100 for about a week… but it has been nice the last few days, 70’s low 80’s… supposed to start heating back up tomorrow though I think… it’s really dry out, we could use some rain.


We ate out on the patio yesterday and I had to wear a jacket.


Been picking lots of lettuce, a lot of Romaine, oak leaf, some heirloom type varieties, lots of reds and purples. It won’t last much longer though before it all bolts from the heat.


I hope you didn’t suffer much.:sob:



I think we’ve discussed using plastic etc. before, I see some people on the tube using landscape fabric/weed barrier… Looks like the way to go. Got some cheap stuff today. I’m going to lay it down over what I’ve just tilled up and cut holes in it for the tomato plants.

This stuff looks really good but a bit expensive…


I used some black 6 mil in the past. It worked great. I made some shallow craters for the tomatoes. Easy to weed.

That Agfabric looks very good.

Early in the season the sun will warm the plastic but as it gets hot the plants will be larger and shade the plastic. It’s a win win.


Headed back out in a minute to start putting some down, I’m going to use some for weed control in other parts of the garden too.


I just got some of this cheap stuff… I want to do some rows with it, running out of room though.


Yeah, we’re at that time o f year where temps can vary widely from day to day and especially from day to night. It was in the mid 90’s here today and will drop down to the low 60’s come night fall.


I use it for general weed control around plants and rock landscaping. Works pretty well, but you have to replace it every summer. Fukking weeds are relentless.