Veggie Garden 2017


I cleared out the kale and the beans and planted a 30’ row about 3’ wide of spinach, a few different kinds of lettuce, buckwheat, and some kale. All densely planted for baby leaf type greens.


I might get me some of this stuff for a couple rows, I’m thinking bugs might be an issue in the fall.


BD6 would want to know if the netting keeps out the squirrels.


I’ve had a table full of tomatoes for awhile now, these Belgium Giants are really good tomatoes… this is a smaller one at 3/4 a lb… been eating a lot of tomatoes, making sauce etc. and giving a lot away. I can go out there and pick about 10lbs every day.




Nice weather here today, about 65 degrees, I tilled up a bunch more space and put another long row of various salad greens… I planted… more arugula, a larger leaf type spinach, more lettuce densely planted for baby leaf, pak choi, and more kale.

Next year I’m putting in a sprinkler system and controller to water it all.


Got rid of the trellis thing, started tilling that area up and will be getting rid of this last box and moving these others and tilling it all up. A little further back starts my two rows of salad stuff, the buckwheat is the fastest growing so far it seems. Need to get rid of that damn bush thing too.


Just planted the lettuce starts up front here a couple days ago, about 50 of them, and 14 what should be big cabbage starts to the right going horizontal in front of the tomato patch.

Here’s about half of my lettuce plot I’ve been picking on and cutting a few heads here and there… a bunch of kale came up around it and I’ve been picking the baby kale and adding it to our salad mix, weeds are starting to come in too.

Salad mix, been picking about 3oz a day for awhile now, have a big salad almost every night with dinner and my gf takes one for her lunch… it’s a few different types of lettuce, some baby kale, arugula and buckwheat, should be adding some spinach and other stuff soon.


I picked these tomatoes for about 40 minutes yesterday and still didn’t get them all picked.


They look really good. Do you think that you could extend the season a bit by building a plastic greenhouse around them? That might work.


Not enough to do much for tomatoes… I’m about sick of them at this point anyways.


Salad garden…

Spinach @LittleRambo1 - this is two packets of Burpee I think they were spinach seeds… just for this little spot… and it still needed seeded a little heavier… gotta start buying this shit by the lb…

Baby kale from seeds I’d saved, about ready to cut on…

Buckwheat has already gone to flower… I guess people eat the toasted seeds… I’ll probably plant more for a baby green.

I think this is water cress or pepper cress maybe… about ready to cut on too…

Some romaine lettuce that’s growing fast and lots of weeds and grass coming up in it, that’s why I prefer to grow the stuff close together and for baby leaf… crowds out the weeds. I spaced most of these romaine more for bigger heads.

Baby arugula with some more mature arugula behind it…

Some baby oak leaf lettuce… I just grab a handful and cut it with a serrated knife to harvest these baby greens.

Lettuce patch we’ve been eating off of… sorry for the bad pic… I’ve just started chopping full heads a couple weeks ago, if you leave a little they grow back fast then chop them again.

2nd tray of lettuce starts after the squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and other rodents ravaged them… growing fast in the heat…


Very nice! Inspiring.


Thanks, I’ve never gotten a good fall lettuce crop until this year. It took a lot of watering to keep it all alive and from bolting the last couple weeks of 95 degree weather!


The weather has been amazing here as well, mid 80’s. Today will be the last ‘summer’ day however. Bummer.


It was supposed to cool off here today with a high of 78 but it’s already 79…

Ehh I was wrong, it’s only like 71 out, perfect… back up into the mid 80’s come next week…


Today is our first frost date, it’s 80 degrees out right now… looks like it might almost frost next Friday though. Just cut a bunch of greens, been giving bags of kale, arugula and swiss chard away just to keep it cut. A couple women my girlfriend works with juice the fuck out of it. Going to try to set them up as cheap customers next year so I at least make a little something out of them.


I know growers who sell shares to people. A share might sell for $100.00 or $400.00 dollars for example. The people would pick up the produce at the front of their house on certain days of the week. This method can be surprisingly lucrative. Word of mouth and pictures seems to work with this method.

Be generous the first year and soak them thereafter.:grin:

Good luck to you in whatever you do.


By the way, $400.00 a share sounds like a lot but it’s not. For that $400.00 you would probably get much more food than you would get from an industrial super market…and it’s a hell of a lot fresher.


I think they call that system a CSA, I hate getting money or whatever from people on a front and owe them something in return though whether it be money or vegetables/salad. Especially when you have to rely up on the weather, it’s very possible to have a total shit season. I’m just going to plant a lot of shit early next year and try to sell it, I’d like to have a greenhouse by then too like a 16x20’.

I’m out harvesting a bunch of lettuce in the cold rain since it’s supposed to get down to 33 tonight and 31 in a couple nights. I don’t know how it will fare in those temps, and would like to get a week’s supply before it gets frost damaged. I brought my aloe plants in and 5 pepper plants which I’m going to try just throwing in a corner of the basement until spring.