Voat By Mail


Should be able to voat from your computer or cell phone, no paper or postage required. They appear to be trying to get the Voat By Mail out in IL this year, I’ve gotten 3-4 things to apply for a ballot, my gf just got one yesterday.


We’ve had voat by mail for years, and they are talking about going to vote online before long as well.


What could possibly go wrong?


My thoughts exactly.


Paper ballot, take a picture of your ballot.

I believe there are hackers poised to changed election outcomes.


what good is a photo of your ballot going to do ya?


You can save it, if there’s a huge discrepancy in a place where there shouldn’t be, people can submit to the registrar.

It’s not that hard for thousands of people to submit a file. Not these days.

If there are enough discrepancies I would think that they could sue and call for a do over.


The only incidences I have heard of have been pretty minor, like the Republican registered county clerk guy in eastern oregon that was caught filling in some ballots (like maybe a couple dozen ballots total) where the voter had not even voted on, yanno the minor little items toward the end that most of us glaze over and skip, or pencil whip it by randomly wild azz guessing, since you don’t have a clue about the issue to begin with.