Wabbit or Oak, remember I'm your Bestie, K?



I strongly advise that they take the lump sum payout and pay the lower Trump tax rate while he is still in office.

I played but I only played one ticket, my second on this cycle. I don’t play until it gets to be $250 Million or so, that way I save-a-lot. Fvck the Gobmint Beast.


I buy mine in or near Little Saigon as that’s where I eat most days, but I’ve never been to THAT store and I didn’t buy for last night’s draw anyway,



LOL, the Vietnamese lady who is in the office next to mine shops at that shopping center all the time, but never goes into that liquor store. We told her she should have taken up drinking.


Where is Oak? This is very strange.


She might still be at the Porsche Dealership finishing up the paperwork on my BRAND NEW PORSCHE 911 GT3!


I did buy but not there. Someone on Story & White won, god damn I hope it was some working class stiff.

Tell me about the best restaurant in Little Saigon. I have no frickin clue where to go eat there.


I have a new supervisor that is a pain in the ass, always popping up into cubicles checking on everyone.

Ugggh. Anyway, I get my shit done, don’t need a millenial looming over me. God damn, I really despise this generation.


Thien Long. They have good pho, good vermicelli bowls, a nice Shaking Beef (Luc Lac) . You’ll see a few tables get a hotplate of fish, also very nice. We eat at this place at Least once a week because you can always get something very different each time. Their chicken pho is exceptional, you can get white meat only or with all the crazy stuff (which I like).

Near Silver Creek and Capitol, across Lexann street from Target. Menu is online and they do takeout.



I’m glad that 11 people won. The haul in roughly 19 million after taking lump sum and taxes.

Not bad, even in Silicon Valley they can afford a home.


together… lol