Warriors working to take the series to 7 games




OK, I should have seen this coming, but I like what the Warriors are doing instead of just winning one more Trophy bada bing bada sweep, they decided to make it “Interesting”


I’m not feeling very confident about their comeback this time.


Me neither, too injured. No idea what’s up with KD either.


Yeah, it’s strange.

I wish it were someone else giving the Canadians their first championship.


Warriors live to fight one more day. ICYMI


Late foul by Steph almost gave away the farm.


It’s be cool for them if they pulled it off, that would be one more rare thing for them to achieve, in coming back from being 1 n 3 in a 7


They doin it (so far) in game 6 @home, film at 11


Jeez - he looks like a total cross dressing fag. LoLz


Sorry GSW, Congrats to Canada.


Stoopid Warriors, they never win nothin’


I only like World Champions that 3peat…


Fun Fact: Under Obama no team from Canada won a championship in the 4 major sports.

Let that sink in. #Iwastoldtherewouldbewinning






Mac looks so gay in his hat and suit, doesn’t he? LoLz at Hen Housers.



They are a tremendous team even with this loss.