We got two months left



I hope they ain’t buyin none of their shit at a thrift store.


They was supposed to build it in texas but it got voted down


Someone here commented on this a few years ago when they first started building it that when they finally succeed in colliding a particle like that… the Earth will be instantaneously vaporized.


You know they did meltdown the fucking thing - it was down for fucking years

The had pics of the aftermath - not a pretty sight

Hopefully the black hole they create will only sick up the mideast and Texas and Indiana


BBC had this take on it:



You can breathe for a couple of years, Six. Don’t worry, it’ll be back in early 2021.


Must be time to change the cabin particulant filter.


You know a while back they let the smoke out of a big part of it - was down a long time


Replacing that filter seems like a total rip off. As a former metal pusher what do you think?


seems like a rip off, but they do help keep dust and pollens out of the cabin.


They want to charge me about $90 to do my Subaru Forester. Sounds good but…


Most newer cars they fairly easy to do, most of them are in the glove box with a panel you pop out to expose the filter. Check Youtube there’s probably several videos on how to do it. And shop online for the filter, Amazon or Partsgeek or where ever.


Are you fucking retarded - take it out and blow it out with some air


90 dollars fer 3 minutes work


Thanks! I just checked out Walmart and they want $13.97 for the filter. I will give it a try.


Yeah, I never did it. Thanks for the advice.


Blow it the fuck out with yer air compressor - how many times I gotta tell ya

every real man has at least one compressor

13.97 plus ya gotta go

put the 14 toward a compressor if ya don’t have one