Weed balm for mosquito bites


I had one on my wrist earlier that I wanted to dig at until it bled… rubbed some homemade coconut oil weed balm on it and it’s gone.


I heard that unguents made from the roots are better than Bengay


I’ve heard that the roots have stuff in them too, they won’t get you high but do other things.


I remember some guy in a forum used it for back pain, only thing that worked


I think I read someone saying recently they crushed up fresh roots and rubbed them on their skin for something.


For how long?


Cum on guys, it was just that one summer at band camp.


So I couldn’t even tell I had a mosquito bite on my wrist today, couldn’t see it, and no itching, so I scratched at the area a little and it welted back up and it’s still there… so I put a little more of the balm on it… .takes the inflammation out in minutes.


I’m going to have to try that!


Got another one on my arm, it was itching like crazy, rubbed some of the balm into it, the itch went away almost immediately, it’s still a little lumped up…

When I get bit by mosquito it’s almost an allergic reaction… they lump up, itch like crazy…


Got ate up today, had to rub it all over my arms… it’s just some medicated coconut oil, pretty strong… mixed with some beeswax to kind of a cream consistency and a little bit of frankincense blended in to it… you could take like a 5 minute time lapse of the lump going away… Billdo’s Bug BIte Cream… I consider this post my patented, copyrighted formula…


Skeeters are probably smelling the stank on you and calling their friends


We’ll see, I’m going to go out and grill some chicken pretty soon.


Actually it seems like after I rubbed it on the other day they stayed away from me more. Or maybe they just never itched because I already had the stuff in my skin.

I got ate the fuck up out there just a bit ago, some nasty bites, just rubbed the stuff all over my arms… itching is ceasing… if it weren’t for this stuff I’d be ate up… can’t even tell where I was bit a few days ago.


Got really ate up today, counted 17 mosquito bites just on my left inner forearm… itched like fucking hell… put some weed balm on it about a half hour ago and the itch is gone but they’re still lumped up.


Aren’t you afraid of getting all those mosquitos buzzing?


I get high just rubbing it on my arms it’s so strong. :slight_smile:


And all the thc coursing through yer veins.


Using the same balm from last year, still works great, can’t even tell you were bit 6 hours later… itching goes away in about 10 minutes…