Well, here's some interesting COVID chatter from some people claiming to be doctors


Dunno how long this will be up.


I saw a little of this yesterday it sounded like some paid stooges from Trump Inc., might as well take medical advice from Ivanka.


At the very end I learned that the original video production was by Breitbart. So there’s that.


From a FB friend:

Dr. Stella (the Nigerian doctor who speaks second) is the new “medical” darling of the Hydroxychloroquine movement. Don’t believe the hype do some research, here are some things you should probably know about Dr. Stella.

  1. She runs a (now removed) website about fighting witchcraft
  2. She has a 1 year temporary medical license in the state of Texas
  3. Her “hospital” is a clinic in a strip mall next to her church
  4. She is a minister who offers sermons on YouTube. Subjects include:
    • Combating witchcraft
    • Use of alien DNA in the medical industry
    • Negative health effects resulting from sex dreams about demons
    • Gays practicing “homosexual terrorism”
    • Children should be whipped (but not abused)
  5. She requires masks in her clinic
  6. Believes the “magic 8 ball” is a scheme to involve children in witchcraft
  7. States that Disney Channel and Harry Potter are gateways to witchcraft, run by the illuminati
  8. States that there is a “gene in people’s minds” that makes them religious, and the government wants to vaccinate that gene.
  9. Ancestral curses are transmitted through the placenta.
  10. Her group “America’s Frontline Doctors” held a press conference a few days ago, already got more traction than ‘Plandemic,’ and has now been removed by FB, YouTube, and Twitter.
  11. Breitbart, right wing networks, and Trump are still pushing it.


Why are we looking for a conspiracy?


Monday’s livestreamed event featuring the America’s Frontline Doctors group was organized by Tea Party Patriots, a wealthy Republican donor-backed nonprofit that, in partnership with FreedomWorks and other right-wing dark money groups, launched the Save Our Country Coalition in April to push for America’s rapid reopening. Jenny Beth Martin, TPP’s co-founder, spoke at the conference alongside the self-proclaimed frontline doctors, urging people to call their elected officials to demand access to hydroxychloroquine.

Simone Gold, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, has been a go-to source for Fox News on the so-called dangers of strict coronavirus measures and has spoken at several reopen rallies.