Welp, I guess it's time to move


A Black man introduced himself to me when I was out in the front yard and told me he just moved in over on the next block.

j/k, he seemed like a nice guy.


A black couple moved next to me in an all white development

He was putting up a BB rim fer his kids and the fuking thing kept falling over

I cud not take it any more and showed him how to do it - like with fucking concrete

It was like watching a train wreck - everytime he put it up it fell over

Ya think black folks would know this stuff


stop being racist


Fuck you, I was friends with them

well except fer the time with the ball park lights - but they came around to my way


I’d appreciate it if you’d calm your tone down a little bit.


The civility tr0all is being done by much better operators.


I’m unsure of what you are referring to


I don’t believe you.


but I believe in you.
I’m sure the man in the mirror agrees.


don’t move, lynch him


I was thinking of going Unitarian and burning a question mark on his lawn.