White Fragility




Discuss? Looks acceptable to me. I gotta ask, did you post this at SG? How is it over there these days? Stubby, Lokbrain, Rennie, DD, Oliver, all must be going off related to the last 12 days. Now that Stubby has eliminated most anyone who disagreeS, it must smell like Nazi Germany. Does the Queen still claim she owns the place? Are you able to get a word in now and then? Hope all is well Oak




I did drop this at SG about the same time I posted it here. I haven’t been there today, but look forward to the meltdown when I check those posts out.

Things are more difficult now with me being the only liberal that’s around consistently. Rancid is back to hating hardcore again. Freud is posting insults like mad, but I see it as “look at me”, “look at me”, “look at me” posts.

Overall, there are fewer posters though, real slow.


I’ve gone from 3 posts a day to only one, and don’t see much likelihood that’ll pick up.


I think it’s on it’s way down sometimes. But then it revives, who knows?