Why did Democrats vote no


Sure, but an illegal won’t pass a background check. Therefore, since they fail they background check- they can’t buy a gun. So if they do anyway they’re now a felon.

And ICE and ATFE shouldn’t be notified why?


Democrats have been wanting to beef up the screening process for a long time. The fact that your source is Fox News makes me assume there is more to the story than reporting ineligible buyers.


Yo dumfuk

the bill being debated in the House would expand background check requirements to private sales. Unfortunately, it would also expand checks to casual loans, sales or trades between friends


And make it so someone has to go through a background check to secure your weapons if you’re out of town.

Democrats hate safety


How is that anti-safety? If you have a felon watching your shit, that’s safer?


If you’d like to post a non-leaning article I’d be more than happy to read it. This is just the one I found.


Who tf wants a felon to watch their shit? If I already legally own guns- why can’t I secure your guns in my safe while you’re on a holiday?why do I gotta pay all these fees (which don’t have a limit🙄) just to make sure your weapons don’t fall in the wrong hands. It’d be cool if you could take your weapons with you when you travel, but the 2nd Amendment means nothing in California, NY, NJ and so forth so it’s basically illegal as fuck to travel with a weapon aswell.


Are you saying you can’t lock up your own guns in your own safe when you go on vacay?


Fucking ICE is already out of fucking control and you want to give them more


Okay, I’m only gonna help you out this one time on this, cuz I’m pretty sure you’re just masturbating here.

First, you should know better than to use FAUX as a source for any troll you attempt here because most readers will reject it out of hand.

Second, the article does not establish that Dems hate ANYTHING at all, and all the assertions they do are from butt-sore Repugs who see now that the last 2 years are a quickly evaporating dream for them.

Third, the article indicates that the Dems originated the bill, not merely acquiesced to a REpug bill, and the bill they approved strengthened gun control measures significantly – including things The People have been asking for for many years. So they didn’t sign off on a Repug amendment to make gun dealers part of the Police State, for reasons I can well imagine but will not guess at for your benefit. Are you suggesting that this bill is somehow worthless or disfunctional because it doesn’t include that amendment?

And if you are, take your troll and shove it into a dark place.


The only reference to this “controversy” is the fox articles then a bunch of reposts of the same article on various 2a and maga sites. And that Fox Article basically just keep repeating the same line over and over.


Well ya see, no, that’s not what I said at all. Please reread.

But, if someone breaks into my house and breaks into my safe and commits a crime, here in WA, it’s still my fault. (Even though breaking I and stealing a firearm is a felony) :roll_eyes: Democrats HATE common sense.


Yeah that - that hit the nail square on the head

Dat’s what Boro wants -

He thinks he is gona be more then a grunt in it


“but rejected GOP-led efforts to amend the legislation to alert police when gun buyers, including illegal immigrants, fail those background…”

^^^^^ Why are you in favor of this? Anyone who shouldn’t be owning a gun knows that they shouldn’t be applying to own a gun. If they fail a background check, someone should know they were attempting to buy a gun.

As I said, Democrat don’t give two shits about safety. All they care about is control, but lack the common sense to know that limited mags and transfers DON’T PREVENT SHOOTINGS. Criminals do criminal things, this is why a criminal who is stupid enough to attempt to buy a gun should be outed.


What I read was this:

So I am wondering what this is, since you seem to have moved the goalposts into the swimming pool.


Are you ever gonna reply to my two questions? I refuse to respond to yours until you answer mine.


Since you have gone off the rails on yours, your premise is flawed and does not warrant a response. Refuse away.


Takes two to tango, mate. Enjoy the thread.


Hard to tango when the other is doing the jitterbug.


Well as it turns out, it appears that Democrats voted yes.