Why does the NRA hate freedumb and the 2nd amendment an stuff?


Why they hate the cawnstitooshun?

Oh I get it, shooting up school houses full of kids is alright cuz it don’t effect them personally none.


Yo dummy - it’s to keep AG’s from shooting up the place and blaming it on guns - dumass


Well, if only there were good people with guns there, they could put a stop to that nonsense, couldn’t they?


They don’t want deranged Progs like BigDukeSux shooting up the place.


But I thought infringing upon the rights of deranged Progs is supposed to be a bad thing.


The NRA doesn’t infringe upon anyone’s rights.


It doesn’t?




Isn’t banning guns an infringement of rights?


It is if the government does it. The NRA isn’t banning guns and it isn’t the government.


Wait, the NRA telling people they can’t carry their guns into the Convention Hall isn’t banning guns in the Convention Hall? WOW, what are you smoking man? LOL@LittleWillyBob


The Bill of Rights tells the US government what it CAN’T do. It has nothing to do with the NRA.

The NRA didn’t ban guns from its convention. If you’ve ever been to a gun show you would probably have been asked to check your guns at the door. You can’t carry at many sporting events.

If you don’t want to part with your gun, don’t go to a private function that requires you to be unarmed. There’s nothing unConstitutional about that.


So you are OK with banning guns, I see.


Read it again.


No yuo.


Moron alert. ^^




Chimpout ^^^^