Will Bd6 Vote For Trump Now?


President Trump has managed to get the prices of insulin down to pennies a day for consumers. Do you think that Bd6 will vote for him now?:rofl:


Link plz.


Tldr but i saw the phrase price caps those are problematic like tariffs are.


Yeah, I DR it either, but folks who did are saying it’s meaningless eyewash and won’t lower prices.


We will see.


Most of us have seen this movie before. Perhaps the fifth reel will be different this time.


Or, maybe it’ll be SS DD.


I just read where yet one more College rescinded it’s offer to host the Potus debates…

Oh and the ghost of Reagan told Trump to fuck off with using his likeness in campaign ads.

#winning #howardbealewhereareyou


True, the sanctimonious Raygun Fdn wants no part of Donnie. But let it be remembered and noted that the coup we’re seeing here did begin during the eighties. And nobody gets a pass, because 16 years of Dem presidents didn’t even slow it down.